Сценарії нестандартних позакласних заходів з англійської мови

“Britain is the country of wonders” (9 клас)


T. Today we are going to take you on a wonderful journey throughthe whole country from Scotland and Northern Ireland (значки накарту) to England and Wales (значки). We shall decorate our mapwith bright pictures of famous people, places and sights and you’llsee that this country is full of wonders!Welcome to Great Britain — the country of wonders!

(Музыка. Выход охранников, которые открывают кулисы.Выходят двое ведущих.)

P1. Would you like to travel?

P2. Oh, yes! I’d like to go to the United Kingdom.

P1. What do you know about the UK?

P2. I know that it is a monarchy and the Queen is the head of thecountry.

P1. You’re right. The Royal Family plays a very important rolein the country. At present the British royal family is headed by theQueen Elizabeth II. (Значок)

(На экране несколько фотографий королевы…)

P2. Oh, she is so smart! Do you know anything about her family?

P1. The current British royal family, while referred to as theHouse of Windsor, is the latest part of a line of royal monarchs goingback over a thousand years.Queen Elizabeth II is a daughter of the King George VI.

(На экране портрет Георга VI, затем — принца Филиппа.)

P2. Who is the man?

P1. Prince Philip. The Duke of Edinburgh is a husband of QueenElizabeth.

(На экране портрет принца Чарлза с Камиллой.)

P2. I know that man. It’s Prince Charles.

P1. Yes, this is the Prince of Wales, the first son of Queen Elizabethand Prince Philip and heir to the throne.

P2. And who is the woman next to him?

P1. Camilla. She is the Duchess of Cornwall, a wife of Prince Charles.

(На экране портрет Уильяма с Кейт.)

P2. I like that young man! He looks like Prince.

P1. Sure. He is Prince William, a son of Prince Charles and LadyDiana, the second in line to the throne. And this is his wife KateMiddleton.

(На экране портрет всей королевской семьи.)

P2. Is this the second Prince?

P1. Yes, Prince Harry is the second son of Prince Charles and thelate Lady Diana, the third to the throne. Elizabeth II has two moresons Andrew, the Duke of York and Edward, the Earl of Essex. Therest are nephews, nieces and cousins.

P2. Oh, such a big family! They are so elegant. It’s great to bea member of a Royal family! I like Prince Harry! It seems to me heisn’t married. Do you think I have a chance?

P1. Stop talking nonsense! Let’s talk about serious things. Whatare you going to do after finishing school?

P2. I’ll enter the university.

P1. What university?

P2. I don’t know yet.

P1. Do you want to study at the best university of the world?

P2. Of course! And what university is it?

P1. It’s Oxford. Oxford is the oldest university. The first of itscolleges was founded in 1249. The university now has 35 colleges andabout 13000 students. Oxford is famous for its first-class education.Let’s watch a short film about Oxford. (Значок)

(На экране видеофильм об Оксфорде.)

P2. It’s fantastic! I want to study there. I want to wear sucha beautiful uniform.

P1. Do you want to see what they do in those beautiful buildings?

P2. Yes, it’s so interesting!

 (На сцене студенты в униформе Оксфорда дают клятву, а затем поют «Гаудеамус».)

P1. Everything is so serious! Do they have free time? How do theyspend it?

P2. They have excursions. For example, to Stonehenge.

P1. Stonehenge?

P2. Have you ever heard about Stonehenge?

P1. Never! What is it?

(На экране фотографии Стоунхенджа.)

P2. Stonehenge is one of the most famous prehistoric places in theworld. The ancient circle of stones stands in Southwest England. Itmeasures 80 meters across and made with massive blocks of stone upto four meters high. It was built by Druids, members of an order ofpriests. Why it was built is a mystery (Значок).

P1. It’s very curious, but not funny. Do they go in for music?

P2. Music? Have you ever heard about such group as “TheBeatles”?

P1. Oh, yes. It’s a favourite group of my father. I know that4 boys from Liverpool organized the band which was very popularin the 1970s. I even know their names: John Lennon, Paul McCartney,George Harrison and Ringo Starr. All were crazy about them!(Значок)

(На экране фотографии «Битлз».)

P2. You are right. Their music has influenced not only minds,hearts and souls of people, but politics, economy, morality and cultureof mankind. Their songs were poetic and progressive, about loveand friendship… “The Beatles” has become the part of music historyand culture. But they are still popular today! Let’s listen to one oftheir songs.

(Звучит песня из репертуара «Битлз» в исполнении учащихся.)

P1. It is so romantic! Thank you very much! You are unbelievable!

(Ведущие покидают сцену, под музыку выходит вторая параведущих.)

(На экране пейзажи Шотландии — слайд-шоу.)

P3. Scotland is a country in the north of Great Britain. It’s a partof the United Kingdom. It’s divided into 3 natural regions: Uplands,Lowlands and Highlands. A lot of places in Scotland are a naturalparadise, still untouched by man…

P4. It is really so. The beauty of this country was sung by thefamous poet Robert Burns. (Значок)

(На экране портрет Р. Бернса.)

He was born in Scotland in 1759 in a family of a Scottish farmer.He began to write poems when he was 15! He sang of the woods, fieldsand wonderful valleys of his native land. The most popular poem ofhim is “My Heart’s in the Highlands”.

(Под музыку на фоне слайдов ученик читает стихотворениеMyHeartsintheHighlands” Р. Бернса.)

P3. Scotland has a rich tradition of music, song and dance. Theyhave a party which is called Ceilidk (Kay-lay). It involves ScottishCountry Dancing, which is enjoyed by large number of people and canbe as formal or informal as people wish to make it. (Значок)

P4. There is also the more formal Highland Dancing which is oftenundertaken competitively at Highland Games.

P3. But our students prepared informal Scottish Country Dance.Let’s enjoy it!

(Ученики исполняют шотландский танец.) (Значок)

(Звучит музыка. На экране замки Уэльса. Выходит новый ведущий.)

P5. Wales is often called the “Land of Castles”, and it is rightly so,as it is home of some finest examples of medieval castle construction.(Значок)

The castles of Wales survive today in a variety of conditions, ranging from completely ruined to castles that still serve as homes for their owners. Some castles are famous for their owners, others attract a lot of tourists because they have their ghosts. Let’s start Ghost hunting in one of the castles. (Значок)

(Ученики исполняют танец привидений.)

(Звучит музыка. Под слайды с изображением пейзажей Ирландии на сцене появляется новый ведущий.)

P6. Ireland is a small country but a lot of people know about it,because it’s a beautiful land with fine lakes, tall mountains and attractivebeaches…It has even mysterious places, for example, The Road of Giants.The Irish people call this place The Giant’s Causeway. (Значок)

(На экране фотографии Мостовой Гигантов.)

There are a lot of theories on how it had been formed. Some people believe that it was made by Martians, others think it was created by giants. Listen to the legend of the Giant’s Causeway:

(На экране фотографии гигантов.)

P7. Fionn Mc Cool, an Irish Giant, built the causeway to walkto Scotland to fight his Scottish counterpart Benandonner. Fionn’swife dressed her husband like a baby. They spent many nights creatinga costume and a bed. When Benandonner came to Fionn’s house,Fionn’s wife told that Fionn was out and the opponent would have towait for him to return. Then she showed him her “baby”. Benandonnerwas terrified at the thought how huge Fionn would be. As quickas it was possible Benandonner ran back to Scotland threwing stonesfrom the causeway into the waters below.

P6. Ireland is a country of talented people. It’s rich and strong in music. The Irish people like to sing, to make music and, of course, to dance. Tourists come from all over the world to watch magnificentIrish dances. Let’s see how they do it and enjoy it.

(На экране клип “The Lord of the Dance”. Под конец клипа все участники выходят на сцену и тоже танцуют.)

Все ведущие (выходят вперед). Thank you for your attention!Our show is over.